About Us

Meat United officially opened its doors in November 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic. We endeavour to provide our ever-developing and discerning food-loving community with a variety of choices, through constant and careful selection of quality produce from suppliers all across the globe.

At Meat United, food safety and hygiene is our top priority. We ensure the highest standards are met in the entire cold chain process. All chilled meat will be vacuum packed to ensure freshness and best quality so that you can store them easily and use them at your convenience.

We seek to expand our product line-up selectively through feedback and new ideas from our community and aspire it to be a place to build trust and foster new friendships with both our customers and suppliers.

Meat United also features a wide array of different meats, liquors, oils, and side dishes to help our customers prepare a rich and savoury cuisine for any occasion. Simply put: There will be no limit to how far Meat United will go to explore and to serve.