SAKOSHI Bay Sashimi Grade Frozen Oyster (pack of 6) Large

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Sakoshi Bay Oysters TM® come from a protected oyster farming area in Hyogo Prefecture where the purity and nutrients of the water is maintained by not allowing boats or swimmers to enter the area. The live oysters are flash frozen using Proton Freezers, a rapid freeze electro-magnetic technology at minus 35C for just 20 minutes. This ensures no loss of moisture or broken cells due to crystallization of water particles, thus preserving the original flavour, plumpness and texture. This makes them ideal for eating raw.

No oyster knife and shucking skills needed to open - just defrost and pry open with a table knife. Individually quick frozen and packed into 6 or 12 in a pack.

Indulge with Ikura or simply serve with a wedge of lemon!