Premium Japanese Miyazaki A5 Beef Ribeye Shabu Package

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Stirring up blessings and joy in every pot! 🥢🍲
Mix all the ingredients in the steamboat and you are symbolically stirring up positive energy, good fortune, and blessings for the upcoming year.
Enjoy the company of loved ones and share a delicious meal gathering around the hot pot brings happiness and Joy that comes within.

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🥢❤️Premium Japanese Miyazaki A5 Ribeye Shabu Package $228

This package includes

Japanese A5 Miyazaki Ribeye (2x250g)

Japanese sashimi scallops (1x500g)

Premium Beef Meatballs (20pcs)

Premium Chicken Broth (2x500g)

Ninniku No Tare Garlic Sauce 270g

Cooler Bag