Norbest Frozen Raw Turkey Whole

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Grab the Doux Self-Blasting Frozen young Turkey with brine based mixture now.

Premium quality Norbest brined Turkey Perfect for Christmas. 

Norbest frozen raw whole turkeys basting solution consists of 

- natural turkey broth, a small amount of salt for flavour, sodium phosphate to help maintain juiciness, and natural flavourings to bring out the best turkey flavour.

- no fats, oils, sugar, and no MSG, or trans fat

- natural flavourings are simply extracts of common household spices (oleoresin red and black pepper)

- no gluten or gluten-derivatives from wheat, oats, barley, or rye

- No soy in our raw turkeys

- no corn derivative

Approx 5kg per bird. Limited quantity available  Reserve yours with us now!

$95 per bird.