Miyakanbai Junmai Daiginjo Extra Class

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Miyakanbai Extra Class Set:

This luxurious set includes one each of "Ginzui" 19%,“Junrei Junka” 19% and “Zeisen” 40%.  These three premium sakes in a gift box bearing the EXTRACLASS label meet a set of stringent standards.

Miyakanbai's EXTRACLASS is the premium line of sake made with rice cultivated entirely in-house and has a polishing ratio of 35% or less.

All Miyakanbai Extraclass share the attributes of being highly aromatic, gentle and round, and beautifully textured. A very luxurious set of top notch Junmai Daiginjo in tasting size bottles of 180ml.

Beautifully packed in a premium box. Perfect as gift.